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Your Weekly Seabrook: "Will They Let Dr. Wynekoop Die In Prison?"

Will They Let Dr. Wynekoop Die In Prison?

A New Effort to Free Dr. Wynekoop
After 9 Years in Prison May Reveal
Why and How Her Daughter-in-Law
Was on Her Operating Table Chlo-
roformed and Shot Through the Heart.

by William Seabrook

Most of March 1944 seems to have gone by without an article by Seabrook. I found no articles by Seabrook in the 5 or 12 March issues of The American, and unfortunately the 19 March issue is missing from my source. This installment in "Your Weekly Seabrook" is from 26 March 1944.

The topic of this issue is the Wynekoop murder case, about which much can be found on the internet. I point the reader especially to this webpage with many historic articles, maintained by a relative of the Wynekoops.

Suffice it to say here that Dr. Wynekoop was not released in 1944. It would be another five years before she was paroled, and she would die two years later, without being exonerated.
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