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Your Weekly Seabrook: "Weird Wedding of 'Double Pistol,' Chinese Heroine"

This week's installment of Your Weekly Seabrook is from 16 April 1944:

Weird Wedding of "Double Pistol," Chinese Heroine

China's Fightingest
Woman Refused Mar-
riage Until She Slew 100
Japs, Then Became a Gen-
eral's Bride, and Burned
Her Victim's Skulls Just
to Add Zest to the

Unfortunately, Google's reader is causing me more trouble than usual, and I haven't been able to read the whole article. I hope viewing this is easier for you.

The topic, as the subtitle says, is the marriage of one of China's female guerrillas during World War II. Although in the West World War II is usually said to have begun with Germany's invasion of Poland on 1 September 1939, the East was unsettled long before. The Second Sino-Japanese War began 7 July 1937, and would not end until the fall of the Japanese Empire in 1945. At the time of the Japanese invasion, China had embroiled in the Chinese Civil War for a decade, but Communists and Nationalists joined forces to fight the Japanese menace. Women played important combat roles in both the Civil War and in the Sino-Japanese War. One woman's memoir of those days, written in 1947, has recently been released in English: Bold Plum: With the Guerrillas in China's War Against Japan. This is the background against which this strange nuptial took place.
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