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Von Junzt

Your Weekly Seabrook: "Mystery of the Roaming Troy Town Maze"

"Your Weekly Seabrook" was foiled last week by LJ's latest outage, which I presume to be related to the DDOS attacks of yestermonth. This installment of Your Weekly Seabrook is from 30 April 1944:

Mystery of the Roaming Troy Town Maze

Unfortunately, Google News' reader doesn't work at all for me anymore. However, I've read it before, and the article describes the odd ubiquity of the Troy Town design in America and Europe, along with one individual's argument for the source for this design. Seabrook also invokes the labyrinth of Minos.

This is also the second reference I've seen to Seabrook being in Corpus Christi, Texas. The other place was in Paul Pipkin's novel, Reckoning, which I regret seems only to exist in draft.
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